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Any discussion about technology in the world today is typically focused on things such as how far technology has enabled us to come in terms of computing power within the last decade. Just ten years ago, a majority of homes in the country did not have access to a machine that was connected to the internet on a daily basis. This limit meant that people had to go out of their way to do things such as type their homework, complete research needed for classes and even type up papers that were required for advanced education. Professionals were put into the position of having to spend longer hours at the office as a result of this limit and this meant that people had less free time on their hands. However, this is a problem that has rapidly gone away as technology has advanced to the point where mobile devices are very common in the world today. People have phones that are within reach at all times, this gives them the ability to get work done on the go. Additionally, they are able to do things such as communicate instantly and stay connected with friends no matter where they may be in the world. Businesses can also benefit from this. For instance, the constant changes in schedules in the airline industry means an airline crew management system can be increasingly useful in helping to deal with situations more efficiently.

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Instead of having to seek out information through extensive research, it is now much easier to access and understand than it has ever been in the past. This has transformed the experiences that people have on a daily basis when it comes to things such as the restaurants that people choose to frequent or where they stop to get a cup of coffee. When you are discussing technology and the impact that it has had on a population, there is very little reason to limit the discussion to the past. Instead, it would be much more educational to think about where the field is today and the places that it may be going in the future. At this point, augmented reality technology has transformed the way that people get information within an instant about the world that they are currently engaged in.

A great example of this world be if you were passing your favorite coffee shop and wanted a suggestion on a favorite drink, you would be able to use this technology in order to obtain suggestions from others about the type of beverage that would be the best selection based on your desires at the moment. Additionally, this technology would allow you to discover new points of interest within your environment and simply engage in the world in ways that would not have otherwise been possible. The point of this technology would be to overlay information on a screen based on exactly what you are looking at. This would ensure that you know everything there is to know about a tourist attraction or simply have the benefit of learning what others think about restaurants that you may come across. Connecting with others and engaging would be much easier with this amazing technology available to you today.